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Obstetric Care: A Healthy Mother and A Healthy Baby

At Westar OB/GYN, we are excited to help families grow in the healthiest possible way. Most of the time, pregnancies progress naturally; we are here in case any problems develop.

preconceptual counseling

Pre-Conception Counseling

Prior to pregnancy, Westar OB/GYN professionals are here to review your medical conditions, any prescription medications or supplements you are taking, and be sure you are ready to take on pregnancy. We can also guide your decision about any genetic carrier screening testing you may want to do. 

prenatal care and support

Prenatal Care & Support

Westar OB/GYN professionals do their best to help you feel your best during pregnancy. We like to include the whole family in your prenatal visits to promote bonding with the new baby. 

we provide in office 3d and 4d ultrasound

In Office 3D/4D Ultrasound

We offer in office 3D/4D ultrasounds. Our certified medical sonographers perform ultrasound scans, both obstetrical and gynecological. Your physician interprets the images, which are obtained from our state-of-the-art ultrasound machines. Often families want to get extra imaging of their baby, scans that are not medically indicated and not paid for by insurance. We are happy to accommodate our patients by performing “Fun Scans” for a fee. 

birth plan

Support with your Birth Plan

Westar OB/GYN encourages you to think how you envision your labor and birth process. We will do whatever we can to help you feel safe and at ease as you welcome your new baby. 

Phlebotomist on staff

Phlebotomist on Staff

Westar OB/GYN has an on-site phlebotomist from LabCorp for your convenience. If your insurance requires your lab test to be run at a different lab, please let us know and we will send your specimen to the lab you request. 

Support with Your Doula

Doulas are helpers who accompany and support a mother through labor. The use of a doula can decrease the need for a cesarean birth. We are happy to work with your doula or help you find a doula, if you would like. 

Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section (VBAC)

Westar OB/GYN physicians are well-known for their support of VBAC. Because we practice at Mount Carmel St Ann’s, a level III perinatal care center with in-house anesthesia, obstetricians, and neonatal personnel, we have the resources available to support mothers who are attempting a VBAC. 

High Risk Pregnancy

“High Risk Pregnancy” is a broad term encompassing a variety of pregnancy-related issues ranging from high blood pressure to gestational diabetes. Most of these issues can be handled by an OB/GYN, some may need to be co-managed by a perinatologist. Westar OB/GYN physicians have a close collaborative partnership with the perinatologists at Mount Carmel St Ann’s. 

postpartum support

Post-Partum Support

The post-partum period is an important time to continue care as it pertains to pregnancy. Westar OB/GYN routinely sees our new mothers back at one week and six weeks post-partum. We also encourage our new mothers to take advantage of Mount Carmel’s Home Care visits by experienced perinatal nurses. Screening for post-partum depression, a very prevalent condition is an important aspect of these visits. 

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